Remember the sensation of effortlessly clear vision?
When everything seemed vivid without any aid.

Experience the rich comfort of wearing, igniting the same excitement as those moments.
With lenses seamlessly merging into your eyes, enriched by the radiant wearing experience, brightening your world…


Qieto1day Rich

Qieto1day Rich
Qieto1day Rich
30 lenses per box
Launch Special
Base Price

Comfortable Wearing Sensation

Comfortable Wearing Experience

Crafted from state-of-the-art silicone hydrogel material, this lens provides outstanding oxygen permeability and enhanced comfort by reducing rigidity. Its low elastic modulus and friction coefficient deliver a soft, natural feel akin to not wearing lenses at all.

Abundant Oxygen Reaching The Eye

Ample Oxygen Reaching The Eyes

Made from silicone hydrogel material, this lens enables oxygen passage with high permeability (166 Dk/L), safeguarding eye health and ensuring comfort during extended wear.

Instant Moisture Upon Wearing

An Immediate Sensation Of Moisture Upon Wearing

This lens, featuring a unique structure and two moisturising components, provides gentle protection for the eyes.

Moisturising material 1


SODIUM HYALURONATE is the sodium salt form of hyaluronic acid, known for its moisture-retaining properties, capable of holding 2 to 6 litres of water per gram.
Hyaluronic acid is also present in components like the vitreous body of the eye and tears.

Moisturising material 2


SODIUM ALGINATE, derived from seaweed, has the ability to attract and retain moisture, making it gentle on the skin. It serves as a natural moisturising ingredient.

Sheild Your Eyes From Ultraviolet Rays

 Sheild Your Eyes From Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays not only contribute to skin issues like spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer but also pose risks to eye health. While the cornea and lens absorb the majority of UV rays that enter the eyes, approximately 1-2% manage to penetrate through to the retina.

Although not immediately noticeable, accumulated UV damage over time can result in future eye diseases like ultraviolet keratitis, pinguecula, and cataracts.

Due to factors like our latitude, a thinner ozone layer, and other variables, we experience higher levels of UV radiation compared to other countries. Protecting your eyes from intense UV exposure is essential for maintaining eye health.



  • Type

    One-Day Disposable / Lens For All Day Wear

  • Product Name

    Qieto1day Rich

  • Approval Number


  • Material (USAN)

    olifilcon B

  • Manufacturing

    Full Cast Mold Manufacturing

  • Lens Design

    Aspherical Design

  • Base Curve


  • Power

    -0.50D ~ - 6.00D (0.25 Increment)
    -6.50D ~ -10.00D (0.50 Increment)

  • Diameter


  • Centre Thickness

    0.08mm (At -3.00D)

  • Classification

    Group I

  • Packaging

    30 Lenses Per Box

  • Water Content

    47.0 %

  • Dk Value

    133.0 (Our Actual Measurement Value)

  • Dk / L Value

    166.0 (Our Actual Measurement Value At -3.00D)

  • Main Component Of Preservative Solution

    Sodium Chloride, Borate Buffer

  • Colorant

    Anthraquinone-based Colorants

  • UV Cut Rate

    UV-A About 84% (Our Actual Measurement Value At -3.00D)
    UV-B About 96% (Our Actual Measurement Value At -3.00D)

  • UV Absorber

    Benzotriazole System

  • Package Size

    (30 Lenses)
    141mm X 13mm X 144mm


  • ・It is a one-day disposable lens. It cannot be worn continuously.
  • ・Use within the time specified by your ophthalmologist.
  • ・Be sure to inspect your lenses regularly to ensure there are no abnormalities.
  • ・Do not reuse used lenses.
  • ・Be sure to remove the lens before going to sleep.
  • ・If you feel any abnormalities such as rheumatism, redness, or foreign body, please see an ophthalmologist immediately.
  • ※ Contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. Be sure to have an ophthalmologist inspect and prescribe and purchase contact lenses that suit your eyes.
  • ※ Contact lenses are used by placing them directly on the eyes. Improper handling of the lens can lead to eye damage.
  • ※ Be sure to read the package insert carefully and follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist to use it correctly.





Popular and comfortable daily lenses at an affordable price.

30 lenses per box$22.90



Qieto1day Color

Daily circle colour contact lenses at an affordable price.
Available in three colours.

10 lenses per box$13.90