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We split delivery when ordering more than 9 packs of products (packing/shipping up to 8 packs in one box).
It depends on the size of the product.

Placing orders/Returns

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If your required prescription is out of stock, please use the Restock Notification Request service to receive the information on the product.
Click here for more details on the Restock Notification Request.

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We only accept returned items when:
・You find a defective lens.

You may exchange merchandise in the following cases:
・Your eye care provider gave you a new prescription.
・You made a mistake when placing your order.
within 30 days from the dispatched date.
On all exchanges, we will exchange the price of the originally ordered items only and replace them for products of equal value.
Click here for more details on our Return Policy.


We accept Credit Cards (VISA, Master card, American Express and JCB), Afterpay and Bank transfer.
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Credit Card

Savelens securely handles your payment through the card payment system [World Pay].
[World Pay] is a subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which provides international payment agency services and is an international financial services company with branches worldwide.

You can not change your payment method to Credit Card payment after completing orders.
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If you are not sure what policy for your Credit Card, the best way to avoid transaction fee is choosing Bank transfer to make your payment.

a. An Australian credit card or debit card.
b. To be over 18 years of age.
c. An Australian residential address.

The funds for the first payment must be available on your nominated card at the time of checkout.

If you fail to make payment, you will be charged a late payment fee of $10, with a further $7 fee added 7 days later, if the payment is still unpaid.

1. Load up your cart with your favourite styles and hit ‘Checkout’ as normal.
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You just make sure your return meets our website Terms & Conditions/Return Policy.
Refunds will be processed by adjusting your payment agreement with Afterpay, if you have paid more than the adjusted amount Afterpay will then arrange a refund to be paid to you.


Late fees may apply. For complete terms visit www.afterpay.com/en-AU/terms-of-service.


Afterpay currently accepts Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards issued in Australia. Unfortunately Afterpay does not accept any prepaid cards or foreign debit/credit cards.


Your Afterpay order delivery times will be the same as our standard timeframes. Visit our shipping & payment page for more information.


For any queries about Afterpay, including payments, declined orders, or your Afterpay account, contact Afterpay.
For more information about Afterpay, visit the Afterpay website.


Afterpay can be used for orders between $20 – $2,000.
For more information and T&Cs, visit the Afterpay website .


We offer a wide range of disposable soft contact lenses, including daily, fortnightly, monthly, coloured, toric for astigmatism correction, and multifocal for presbyopia.
You can choose your desired products from various types and manufacturers to find the contact lenses that best suit your needs.
Check out all the types below.

  • Daily Lenses – These are daily disposables and not recommended to be re-used.
  • Fortnightly Lenses – These can be re-used and need to be replaced every 2 weeks. You will need your own lens solution and storage case for them.
  • Monthly Lenses – These can be re-used and need to be replaced every 4 weeks. You will need your own lens solution and storage case for them.
  • Colour Lenses – These will change the visual appearance of your eyes. Colour lenses are available as daily, fortnightly or monthly lenses.
  • Toric Lenses – These are shaped in a unique way to correct astigmatism. Toric lenses are also available as daily, fortnightly or monthly lenses.
  • Multifocal Lenses – Contains more than 2 prescriptions in a single lens to correct vision at different distances. Suitable for people with presbyopia, nearsightedness and farsightedness. Available as daily and monthly lenses.
  • All types

We offer a wide selection of popular brands including Acuvue, Biofinity, Dailies, Air Optix, FreshLook and more as well as our exclusive brand Qieto. Click here to check out all our brands.

We don’t sell any lens solutions, we only sell Lens Storage cases at the moment.

We only sell 100% guaranteed authentic products on our website. Manufacturers apply strict standards to the manufacture of contact lenses.

You might find that some of the contact lense packaging is not the same as what you usually get from your optometrist, but that’s just because we stock products from the Asian or European markets.

You will be able to find the expiry date as [EXP] on the packaging. We supply lenses with at least one year of expiry date.
Please note that due to having several suppliers, there may be different expiry dates even if the item and prescription are the same.

Silicone Hydrogel is a material which combines high oxygen permeable silicone with flexible and moisture-retaining hydrogel.
It helps to supply efficient oxygen flow to the eyes which enables a comfortable and extended experience. The material enables the lenses to fit better, decrease dryness, and prevent protein build-up.
Click here to browse silicone hydrogel lenses

Water Content in soft contact lenses refers to the percentage of water they contain.
There are advantages and disadvantages for different percentages.

Low water content contact lenses (less than 50% water)
1. Are less likely to dry out, even after long-term use because of lower water evaporation
2. Offer a sturdy shape and easy handling
3. Reduce oxygen reaching the eyes

High water content contact lenses (over 50% water)
1. Allow for better oxygen flow to the eyes due to the high water content
2. Provide a soft and comfortable wearing experience
3. May be more prone to drying out during extended use due to increased water evaporation

Silicone hydrogel lenses are usually low in water content but offer much better oxygen permeability. This reduces dryness, minimizes eye strain, and prevents water evaporation due to its breathable material.

Comfort and dryness prevention depends on the water content and materials etc.

Oxygen Permeability indicates the amount of oxygen that can pass through a contact lens.

Dk represents the oxygen permeability coefficient, with higher values indicating greater oxygen transmission.
Dk/L is a value obtained by dividing the Dk value by the thickness of the contact lens, representing its oxygen permeability.
A higher Dk/L number indicates a greater ability for oxygen to pass through the lens.
Ensuring adequate oxygen distribution to the cornea is essential for maintaining healthy eyes, making the oxygen transmission rate a crucial criterion.

Multifocal contact lenses are designed to address presbyopia, a condition that affects near vision as individuals age.
These lenses allow for clear vision at both near and far distances, making them a suitable choice for individuals with presbyopia.
Learn more about Multifocal Contact Lenses here.
Shop multifocal lenses here.

Circle contact lenses are colour lenses which feature a coloured outer ring on the edges.
This design, where the coloured section extends beyond the iris, aims to create the illusion of a naturally larger pupil.

Normal colour contact lenses change the eye’s natural colour, providing a wide range of colours and designs for individual expression and eye colour alterations.
In contrast, the primary function of circle contact lenses is to enhance the appearance of larger eyes.
For changing eye colour, choose colour contact lenses; for a larger eye look, opt for circle contact lenses.

Coloured DIA (Diameter), also known as Graphic DIA, refers to the size of the coloured part of the lens that enhances or changes the eye’s natural colour. It’s the visible coloured area on the lens.

When choosing circle lenses, the diameter of the coloured portion (the part of the lens with colour) is also important.
A larger diameter gives a bigger eye impression, while a smaller diameter creates a more natural eye appearance.
If the coloured diameter of the contact lens is too large for your eye size, it may result in an unnatural look with the whites of your eyes showing.
When using circle lenses for a subtle change in impression, consider the balance between the prescription’s DIA (diameter) and the circle lens’ coloured diameter before making a selection.

The colour lenses we stock and sell are generally safe for people to wear as they have all been certified with industry standard. For people with specific eye conditions, we recommend consulting an optometrist to ensure specific lenses are suitable for you. Choosing coloured or circle contact lenses which prevents direct contact between the pigmented surface and the eye are essential for eye health and safety.
This design places a pigmented layer between contact lens materials, minimizing colour leakage.
Our Qieto1day Color circle contact lens follows this for safety.

Proper handling of contact lenses is also crucial.

We will not exchange your contact lenses because they differ from the images shown on the website. Please note that results vary depending on the users.

  • you find a defective lens.
  • your prescription changes. (We only accept unopened and unexpired boxes)
  • you made a mistake when placing your order.

Returns must be made within 30 days from the dispatched date.

Click here for more details on our Return Policy.


Yes, you must have the latest valid prescription under the applicable provincial state laws.
We rely on you to ensure that your order is exactly the same as the prescription that was given by your eye care professional and that these lenses fit your eye comfortably.
Therefore we do not take responsibility for any medical problems which might occur.

Click here to find out how to read your prescription.

For customers currently using contact lenses:
-Your contact lens box contains the information (power, diameter and base curve) you will need to place an order.

For new users or customers who do not have their contact lens boxes:
-You will need to use the latest valid prescription provided by your eye care professional.
-After you’ve purchased, you can then find the necessary data on your prescription or contact lens boxes for future orders.

You will need to have [PWR] (power), [BC] (base curve) and [DIA] (diameter) information before you can place an order.
If you have been prescribed for astigmatism you will need to have both [CY] (cylinder) and [AX] (axle) data as well.
if you have been prescribed for multifocal, you will need to have [ADD] (Addition) figure determines of the amount of correction you need to be able to see clearly at a close distance.

Click here to see how to locate your lens data.

The (-) (negative) sign indicates a negative value in the [PWR] section, which represents myopia.

We offer several positive power lenses that are available below.

Dailies Total 1 For Hyperopia
Proclear 1 Day For Hyperopia
PRECISION1 For Hyperopia

Positive power lenses for Multifocal lens options are also available.

The terms [PWR](Power), [SPH](Sphere) and [D](Dioptre) represent the visual correction power such as -1.00, -7.50 and -9.00.
As the magnitude of the number gets higher, the visual correction gets stronger.
For nearsightedness, it is represented by a negative sign (-) and for farsightedness, it is represented by a positive sign (+).
The visual power 0.00 is available on coloured lenses for customers who don’t need correction.

The term [BC] (Base Curve) represents the curve of the contact lens such as 8.3, 8.6, or 9.0. As the number gets smaller, the curvature increases.
A larger numerical value indicates a gentler curve, while a smaller value signifies a steeper curve.

The term [DIA] (Diameter) represents the diameter of the contact lens such as 14.0. Most of the time, [DIA] comes in only one size, but some lens types may have more than one available.

Both [CY] and [AX] numbers are needed when you order toric contact lenses for astigmatism.
The terms [CY] and [CYL](Cylinder) represent astigmatism power.
Astigmatism power is represented with a minus sign (-), such as -0.75, -1,25, -1,75 and 2,25, and the higher the numerical value, the stronger the corrective power required.
The terms [AX] and [AXIS] represent a numerical value, between 0 and 180, indicating the degree or orientation of astigmatism, specifically the direction of corneal distortion.

The [ADD] number is required when ordering multifocal/bifocal contact lenses for presbyopia.
The figure determines the amount of correction you need to be able to see clearly at a close distance. The Addition figure is a positive number between +0.50 and +3.00, which some contact lens brands refer to as a high, medium or low.
Find out more about Multifocal Contact Lenses.

Because of global standards, all manufacturers must use the same notation for [PWR] and [BC].
However, lens size, thickness, design and processing methods are different depending on the brand and the manufacturer.
(If your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, your view will be different depending upon the manufacturer.)
We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by you eye care professional and following his/her guidance on lens selection.

We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your eye care professional and only with his/her agreement should you use lenses with different [DIA], [BC] or [PWR].

Although you don’t require eyesight correction, you must consult your eye care provider for fitting and if
・you are trying contact lens for the first time.
・you have any allergies.
・you do not understand how to handle contact lenses.

* We are not responsible for any kind of difficulties which are caused by using contact lenses.
Please follow any instructions given to you by your eye care specialist.

Normally, there are no differences between the left and right lenses.
But if you are prescribed Mutifocal lensese,your eye care professional may prescribe [D](dominant eye) or [N](non-dominant eye).
Please make sure to order the correct prescriptions.

Yes, contact lenses are medical devices and your eyes must be examined by a certified lens care professional before purchasing our merchandise.
Additionally, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and any guidance/instructions given to you by your eye care professional.

Yes, we strongly suggest having your eyes checked periodically as directed by your eye care professional.
Periodic inspection is necessary to check whether the contact lens and prescription are still correct or if there are any abnormalities in the eyes.
In order to prevent these problems, it’s necessary to undergo regular inspections.
If you have any abnormalities or discomfort in your eyes, please seek medical attention immediately.

No. Contact lenses sit directly on the eyes, while glasses sit slightly away from the eyes, which may result in different prescriptions.
Additionally, prescribing contact lenses also requires information about the base curve and diameter of the eyes.
Therefore, when ordering contact lenses, you need a prescription specifically for contact lenses from an optometrist.


Our coupon codes are regularly advertised through various communication channels.
You can find details about discounts and sales in our newsletter, Facebook, Instagram and our website.
To be updated on the latest discounts and sales, please like and follow our social media pages.
We also occasionally provide newsletter-exclusive offers to our subscribed customers.
To ensure you don’t miss out on our deals, subscribe to our newsletters!

No. You can only redeem one coupon code with each order (One use per user).

Yes, we offer a 10% discount with no minimum purchase for your first-time purchase when you subscribe to our newsletters. You will receive a coupon code upon subscribing.

Yes, we offer Free Shipping on orders over AU$120. This offer is subject to change without notification.

Currently, we do offer discounts for bulk purchases on lenses.
If you buy 4 to 7 boxes of lenses, you may get $0.10 off per box; if you buy 8 to 11 boxes of lenses, you may get $0.20 off per box; and if you buy 12 or more boxes of lenses, you may get $0.50 off per box.
The discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Simply add the items to your cart to see the final price.

Customers can only use one coupon code per order. Savelens reserves the right to modify or cancel coupon codes without notification.
Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for each coupon code for more details.

Please contact us urgently.
If your order has already been processed, we will not be able to apply the coupon code.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept your request once the promotion has ended.


You can earn 1 point for every $5 you spend on our website. You may also earn points through leaving reviews.
1 point can be redeemed as $0.10 off for when you place an order.
Find out more here.

After your order is completed, you will receive points. You can then redeem these points on your next order.
There is no minimum requirement to redeem points. You can redeem $0.10 off for every point, but won’t be able to redeem your points towards the shipping fee.

You can find your earned points on your order page or through [My Points] on [My Account].
Click here to see how to redeem points

No, there is no expiry date for using your points.

You can find your points balance through [My Points] on [My Account].
If you have already earned points, they will be displayed on your order page.

When you refer our website to your friends and family through the [Referral Program] under [My Account], you both will receive 20% off when your friend makes their first purchase from us!
Click here to find out more.


There are some basic instructions for handling contact lenses correctly,
but it’s important to follow these guidelines and any additional guidance provided by an eye specialist:

  • Trim your nails, ensuring they are rounded and smooth.
  • Wash your hands and fingers thoroughly with soap and dry them with a clean towel.
  • Use your index finger to remove the contact lenses from the lens case.
  • Hold your eye open with your other hand’s thumb and index finger where the contact lens will be placed.
  • Look straight ahead and gently and slowly insert the contact lens into the correct position.
  • Allow the contact lens to rest in your eye, then blink slowly a few times to let it settle.
  • Put your contact lenses in before applying makeup, and remove them before cleansing when removing makeup.
  • Depending on the type of contact lenses, you may need a storage/cleaning solution and a lens case for storage. Follow the instructions.
  • Do not clean contact lenses with tap water.

No. You should not sleep or nap while wearing contact lenses. When you sleep, your eyelids are closed, which means less oxygen will reach your cornea. If you wear contact lenses during sleep, this issue worsens.
This can lead to eye redness, lenses sticking to your eyes, discomfort, and an increased risk of eye infections.
While some products are designed for continuous wear, even during sleep, it’s crucial to consult with an eye doctor because eye conditions can vary from person to person.

No. You should not wear contact lenses which have passed their expiration date.
You should replace your lenses after a specific number of days which has passed since the blister pack was opened.

Since eye conditions can differ from person to person, it’s essential to undergo an examination by an eye doctor and obtain their approval before wearing lenses for extended periods. The recommended number of consecutive days for safe wear can also vary among individuals, so it’s crucial to use them correctly according to your eye doctor’s guidance.

No. Water can contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may stick to your contact lenses and increase the risk of eye infections.
Additionally, soft contact lenses can deform when exposed to water, causing discomfort and vision issues.
Please remove your contacts before such activities and consider prescription goggles for swimming if needed.

Please use cleaning and storage solutions designed for disposable soft contact lenses.
However, because it may not be suitable for your eyes depending on the manufacturer, please consult with your eye doctor.
Also, incorrect usage can not only result in insufficient effectiveness but can also cause eye-related issues. Therefore, please always follow the instructions provided for proper lens care.
Do not clean contact lenses with tap water.

Please remove the lens immediately and contact us by using the inquiry form with your name, order ID, the lens data of your defective lens and how the lens is defective.
We will instruct you where and how to send back the defective lens.
Please DO NOT throw your defective lens away.
SAVELENS will not replace defective lens unless the defective lens is returned to us as we must inspect the defective lens.
Be sure to include the lens blister package (even if opened) when you return defective lens to us.


Please contact us through the inquiry form. We do not have a call option available at this stage.
Our customer support aims to reply to your inquiry within 3 business days.
Our customer support team is only available on business days.

After your order status has been changed to [Processed],
you can write your review on the product that you purchased through the product’s page whilst you are logged in.
You can earn 10 points to write your review.

Our website has adopted the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and uses encrypted communications technology.
This security system protects your personal information from unauthorized access, as long as your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data.
Our website uses SSL and is compatible with most modern browsers. Click here for more details.

Our Privacy Policy is intended to protect your privacy and to ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and reasonable manner.
We will not sell or otherwise provide your personal information to a third party, or make any other use of your personal information, for any purpose which is not incidental to your use of this website.
For the avoidance of doubt, personal information will not be used for any purpose that a reasonable person in your position would not expect.
Click here for more details.

Our Price Policy – We aim to be the cheapest contact lens retailer in Australia.
We can offer you a price match as below:

  • If you find a cheaper price on an identical item (excluding bulk deals, using promotion code or liquidation sale etc) from any online retailers in Australia, we will match the price.
  • The product must be equivalent lenses per box of an identical item.
  • You must contact us by email at the time of your purchase for a price match.
  • Please provide us the URL of the competitor’s product page.
  • The competitor’s price must be on the same date of your purchase.
  • You will be able to use our available coupon code (if applicable) on top of the matched price.

Our standard receipt that is enclosed with the delivered goods states the customer’s name, purchase information (i.e. a breakdown of the total amount charged), payment method, and details of the products purchased (product name, prescription of each product, quantity, unit price and total price of each product).

Please note that we do not issue or reissue receipts to comply with an insurance company’s specific requirements related to the content of receipts as part of the processing of a claim for an insurance rebate.

Unfortunately, we do not have a health provider number as we are an overseas-based company.
However, we strive to provide the cheapest prices and a high level of service in Australia.