Can I order contact lenses with my prescription for glasses?

No. Contact lenses sit directly on the eyes, while glasses sit slightly away from the eyes, which may result in different prescriptions. Additionally, prescribing contact lenses also requires information about the base curve and diameter of the eyes. Therefore, when ordering contact lenses, you need a prescription specifically for contact lenses from an optometrist.

Do I need to have my eyes examined regularly?

Yes, we strongly suggest having your eyes checked periodically as directed by your eye care professional. Periodic inspection is necessary to check whether the contact lens and prescription are still correct or if there are any abnormalities in the eyes. In order to prevent these problems, it’s necessary to undergo regular inspections. If you have […]

Do I need to have my eyes checked before purchasing?

Yes, contact lenses are medical devices and your eyes must be examined by a certified lens care professional before purchasing our merchandise. Additionally, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and any guidance/instructions given to you by your eye care professional.

Are there any differences in [PWR] and [BC] from different manufacturers?

Because of global standards, all manufacturers must use the same notation for [PWR] and [BC]. However, lens size, thickness, design and processing methods are different depending on the brand and the manufacturer. (If your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, your view will be different depending upon the manufacturer.) We strongly suggest having your […]

What does [ADD] in contact lenses mean?

The [ADD] number is required when ordering multifocal/bifocal contact lenses for presbyopia. The figure determines the amount of correction you need to be able to see clearly at a close distance. The Addition figure is a positive number between +0.50 and +3.00, which some contact lens brands refer to as a high, medium or low. […]

What do [CY] and [AX] in contact lenses mean?

Both [CY] and [AX] numbers are needed when you order toric contact lenses for astigmatism. The terms [CY] and [CYL](Cylinder) represent astigmatism power. Astigmatism power is represented with a minus sign (-), such as -0.75, -1,25, -1,75 and 2,25, and the higher the numerical value, the stronger the corrective power required. The terms [AX] and […]