Can I check my order status?

After you have logged into [My Account], you can see your order status at [VIEW] through [Order History].
Your order goes through the following steps:

[Pending payment] : Credit Card payment/PayPal payment failed/unfinished.
※You are able to cancel your order at [CANCEL], repay or change your payment method at [PAY], or shipping address at [EDIT] through [VIEW].
※Orders in this status will be cancelled automatically if we don’t receive payment within 7 days.

[On hold] : We have been waiting for the payment by Bank Transfer (the payment status is [Unpaid]).
※You are able to cancel your order at [WANT TO CANCEL THIS ORDER?] or change your shipping address at [EDIT] through [VIEW].
※Order confirmation e-mail including the account information has been sent.
※Orders in this status will be cancelled automatically if we don’t receive payment within 7 days.

[Processing] : Credit Card/PayPal payment has been confirmed. The payment by Bank Transfer has been confirmed.
※Credit card/PayPal: Payment confirmation (Order details) email has been sent.
※Bank Transfer deposit confirmation: A deposit confirmation email has been sent.

[Ready For Shipping] : The order is being sent to the distribution warehouse at this stage.
Stocked items: Being prepared for delivery.
Custom Ordered items: Ordered from the supplier (back ordered). If your order contains custom ordered items as well as stocked items, the order will be dispatched after all items have been received.

[Split Shipment] : The order is under split delivery.
If there are more than 9 items in one order, your order will be shipped in multiple packages. It depends on the size of the product.
※After all products have been shipped, the status will be changed to [Completed].

[Completed] : The order has been shipped from our distribution centre.
※A dispatch information email (the tracking details) will be sent.
※You can also track your order on our delivery company’s tracking page at [Track Your Order] through [VIEW].

[Cancelled] : The order was cancelled automatically (payment has not been received within 7 days), cancelled by a customer or by staff (agreed by the customer).

[Refunded] : The order was cancelled and the total amount of the order was refunded by staff (agreed by the customer).
If your order was partially refunded, the status remains as it was.

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