What does the Water Content of contact lenses mean?

Water Content in soft contact lenses refers to the percentage of water they contain.
There are advantages and disadvantages for different percentages.

Low water content contact lenses (less than 50% water)
1. Are less likely to dry out, even after long-term use because of lower water evaporation
2. Offer a sturdy shape and easy handling
3. Reduce oxygen reaching the eyes

High water content contact lenses (over 50% water)
1. Allow for better oxygen flow to the eyes due to the high water content
2. Provide a soft and comfortable wearing experience
3. May be more prone to drying out during extended use due to increased water evaporation

Silicone hydrogel lenses are usually low in water content but offer much better oxygen permeability. This reduces dryness, minimizes eye strain, and prevents water evaporation due to its breathable material.

Comfort and dryness prevention depends on the water content and materials etc.

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