7 Helpful Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

It’s holiday season! And that means there are lots of events happening during this time including family gatherings, holiday parties or special events. For some people, it’s one of the busiest times of the year for them to put on makeup to look their best for these events.

But what about those who wear contact lenses with makeup? Wearing contact lenses alongside eye make-up can be a challenge for many, but fear not, we’ve put together a blog with lots of helpful tips to help you keep your makeup looking flawless alongside your contact lenses!

Here are our top tips for perfecting your look with contacts:

1.  Less Is More for Eye Makeup and Contacts:

Keep your eye makeup minimal when wearing contacts. While you can still rock bold looks like sexy cat eyes or smokey eyes, leave the inner corners and tear ducts free of makeup to simplify things. Avoid excessive under eye makeup, and instead, focus on your upper eyelids to prevent mascara and liner smudging.

2. Put in Your Lenses First Thing in the Morning:

If you use daily contacts, insert them right after waking up. This should be your initial step in the morning routine, allowing your eyes some time to relax after inserting lenses before applying mascara.

3. Use Precision-Makeup Brushes:

Opt for high-quality precision-makeup brushes designed for eye makeup. These brushes provide the precision needed, ensuring an even application with minimal fallout, and reduced risks of disturbing your lenses.

4. Choose Quality Waterproof Mascara:

Opt for a quality waterproof mascara to prevent pigment from entering your eyes when they tear up. Apply it with light, even strokes, considering layering instead of multiple passes for a lower risk of irritation or mascara entering your eyes. Skip bottom lash mascara to avoid streaks.

5. Moisturize Without Ruining Your Makeup:

Contact lens wearers often need eye drops, so apply them correctly. Lie down or lean back, pull down your lower lid, and apply only one drop. Close your eye slowly, block the tear duct, and hold for 1-2 minutes to prevent excess moisture from affecting your makeup.

6. Extended Wear Contacts for Makeup Ease:

Opt for extended wear contacts if you regularly wear makeup. Longer-wearing lenses, whether weekly or monthly, eliminate the daily hassle of changing lenses and reduce the risk of smearing or tearing your makeup.

7. Be Prepared with Touch-Up Essentials:

Carry touch-up essentials and makeup remover wipes to handle emergencies throughout the day. Using facial spray is a good way to touch up your make out during summer-time and the water vapour can moisturise your face and eyelids, ensuring a comfortable experience. 


Contact Lens Recommendations for Makeup Looks

Aside from putting on makeup, many people also love putting on colour contact lenses to add an extra dash of colour. There are two kinds of colour contact lenses we sell: normal colour lenses and circle contact lenses. If you are someone who loves to dress up, then we highly recommend for you to try out colour lenses! 

Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between normal colour lenses and circle colour lenses? Allow us to explain below.

Normal Colour Contact lenses: These lenses have the role of changing the colour of the eyes themselves. You can enjoy the individuality and changes of your eyes with a wide variety of colours and designs.

Circle Contact Lenses: The lenses are a type of colour lens which are distinctively coloured around the edge of the lens. By designing the coloured part to appear on the outside circular region of the lenses, it’s able to make the irises look naturally larger than the original.


What we recommend!

The most popular circle lens we sell at Savelens is Qieto1day Color -A series of daily colour circle lenses that comes in 3 colours and in packs of 10 lenses per box. This series was just released in March this year and has been one of our top-selling products ever since! This is due to several reasons. Firstly, Savelens is one of the very few companies that have been authorized to sell this series. Secondly, Qieto1day Color is one of the few circle colour lenses which are not only very affordable but still deliver a reliable and comfortable experience. Thirdly, Qieto1day Color is currently offering a limited-time discount for first-time users. Subscribe to our newsletter to get an EXTRA 20% off Qieto1day Color Lenses! Find out more here.


Other Colour/Circle Contact Lenses

Aside from Qieto1day Color, here is a list of other colour/circle contact lenses we sell which are in demand! 

FreshLook: Popular Colour Contact Lens Series. Available in daily or fortnightly versions with lots of colours to choose from.

FreshLook Colour Blends: Fortnightly Colour Lenses

FreshLook One-Day: Daily Colour Lenses

FreshLook Illuminate Series: Daily Circle Contact Lenses

Air Optix Colors: Monthly Colour Contact Lenses by Air Optix.
With 3-in-1 Color Technology, the lenses seamlessly blend with your natural eye colour for a captivating look. Available in 3 colours.

1 Day Acuvue Define: Popular Daily Circle Contact Lenses which creates an alluring look with their three-dimensional design which beautifully contrasts the coloured portion with the irises. Available in 7 colours.

Lacelle: Daily Circle Contact Lense which features intricate lace patterns along the lens edge, effortlessly enhancing the beauty of your eyes and creating the illusion of larger, more captivating eyes. Available in 5 colours.

Maxi Eyes: Circle Contact Lenses (Available in Daily, Fortnightly, and Monthly versions). Available in 14 colours.

Check Out All Other Colour Contact Lenses

In this blog we covered makeup tips for contact lens wearers. If you follow these steps, it will ensure you to have a flawless makeup look and also a comfortable contact lens wear experience. Say goodbye to glasses and hello to the freedom of gorgeous eyes!