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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers: Embrace Comfort in Every Season!

Each season comes with its drawbacks: winter’s chill, autumn’s gusts, spring’s showers, and summer’s heat. But for contact lens users, these changes can introduce a different challenge—seasonal discomforts. Factors like humidity, dryness, allergies, activities, and UV exposure can turn wearing lenses into a hassle. To help you navigate each season, here are our essential contact […]

The Reality of Showering While Wearing Contact Lenses

For many contact lens wearers, they may find it easy to wear contact lenses wherever they go and whatever they do and may sometimes even forget to take them off, even in the shower. However, we don’t recommend mixing contact lenses with water or even water vapor. While showering with contact lenses may seem convenient, […]

How to Put in and Take Out Contact Lenses from Your Eyes Safely

Considering trying contact lenses for the first time? Nervous about getting the hang of putting them in and taking them out? You’re not the only one feeling this way. When people contemplate using contact lenses, a few common concerns often come to mind: Feeling uneasy about inserting something into their eyes. Concerns about potential discomfort […]

7 Helpful Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

It’s holiday season! And that means there are lots of events happening during this time including family gatherings, holiday parties or special events. For some people, it’s one of the busiest times of the year for them to put on makeup to look their best for these events. But what about those who wear contact […]

How can I protect my eyes from harmful UV rays?

Our favourite season is here! Summer! It goes without saying that outdoor activities are essential during summer-time. If you don’t wear protection, exposure to the sun’s UV rays can harm not just your skin, but also your eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but due to the geographic location in the southern hemisphere and […]

Tips for Your First Time Wearing Contact Lenses!

Hiya! Is this your first time wearing contact lenses? Here’s some useful information for you! Traditional glasses have paved the way for the visually impaired, but in recent times, contact lenses have gained popularity and are starting to replace traditional glasses. This is because contact lenses offer many benefits, such as: -Beneficial for sports players […]

How to Comprehend Your Prescription For Contact Lenses!

There can be a lot of misunderstanding surrounding contact lenses, which only complicates matters. To fight this, we’ve put up a quick tutorial on precisely what you need to know about contact lenses! When purchasing contact lenses, you must have a valid and up-to-date prescription, according to legal regulations. In Australia, contact lenses are classified […]

Refer a Friend and You Both Get 20% Off!

In Australia, there are numerous online contact lens retailers to choose from. According to our own research, 40% of people say that price is the most important factor for them when choosing a retailer. As prices may vary across retailers, comparing product prices becomes essential. Finding additional ways to save can enhance your shopping experience […]

Halloween Tips: Choosing the perfect Colour Contact Lens for your event

With Halloween approaching, many people are rushing to find the right costume for one of the most exciting times of the year!  Colour contact lenses are an essential part of making a costume stand out! If you haven’t worn them in the past, why don’t you try colour contact lenses this Halloween? Even if you […]

Savvy Tips for Buying Contact Lenses – How to get the best value for money!

As a result of global inflation, it’s become more difficult for people to make ends meet. The high costs of living has made people become very prudent. For contact lens wearers, lenses are an indispensable part of daily living. But have you ever thought about how your purchase decisions could affect your savings and expenses […]