Tips for Your First Time Wearing Contact Lenses!

Hiya! Is this your first time wearing contact lenses?

Here’s some useful information for you!

Traditional glasses have paved the way for the visually impaired, but in recent times, contact lenses have gained popularity and are starting to replace traditional glasses.

This is because contact lenses offer many benefits, such as:

-Beneficial for sports players as it’s light-weight and barely noticeable

-Preferable by many for cosmetic reasons, as it may enhance the appearance or change the colour of your eyes. And because it looks better than wearing glasses on some people.

-For comfort reasons, as many people find them better than glasses, which may feel heavy and may need to adjust them continuously.

If you’re wearing contacts for the first time, you should know what to expect. Keep reading below to find out more!


Adjusting To Contact Lenses

Realistically speaking, contact lenses will feel foreign to your eyes at first because they are medical devices. However, generally speaking, you will be able to wear them comfortably in about a week. Since you can’t wear contact lenses continuously for very long during the first couple of days, you can gradually try to extend the wearing time based on the instructions from your eye specialist. Some people’s eyes can be incredibly sensitive and may need more time to get used to contact lenses.

The first contact lens was invented in 1887, and since then, technology has advanced significantly. The first contact lenses were made of glass and were as uncomfortable as they sounded. However, years of research and technical advancements have resulted in contact lenses that are far more pleasant to use and nearly painless.

When you first start wearing contact lenses you will need some practice of putting them in. You will probably feel the edges of the lenses at first, but you will soon get used to the feel of them and then, eventually, you won’t even notice they’re there.

If you do experience irritation while wearing contact lenses, the lenses may be inside out or dirty. As you keep reading this blog, we have written some tips on how to mitigate this. Additionally, if the prescriptions (Base Curve, Diameter, etc.) are incorrect, you will also feel uncomfortable, so please make sure to order the correct prescription prescribed by your optometrist.

Here are some tips on how to wear contact lenses properly:


1. Try and Practice Putting Them In

It may seem difficult to put contact lenses in at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve done it a few times, it should come pretty naturally to you to both insert and remove them.

Here are some basic instructions for handling contact lenses correctly:
(Please also follow the guidelines provided by an eye specialist.)

  • Trim your nails and make sure they are rounded and smooth.
  • Please wash your hands and fingers thoroughly with hand-wash and make sure to dry your hands before putting on lenses.
  • Use your index finger to remove the contact lenses from the case or blister pack.
  • Hold your eye open with your other hand’s thumb and index finger where the contact lens will be placed.
  • Look straight ahead and gently and slowly insert the contact lens into the correct position.
  • Allow the contact lens to rest in your eye, then blink slowly a few times to let it settle in.
  • Put your contact lenses in before applying makeup, and remove them before removing makeup or washing your face.
  • Depending on the type of contact lenses, you may need a storage and cleaning solution and a lens case for storage. Follow the instructions listed on your contact lens instruction pamphlet. 
  • Do not clean contact lenses with tap water.


 2. Follow The Instructions


Because everyone’s eye care situation is unique, you should wear contact lenses as prescribed by your eye expert. There are daily disposable contact lenses as well as fortnightly or monthly contact lenses that must be cleaned every day. There are also some contact lenses that can be worn overnight.

Your eye doctor will recommend the best contact lenses for your eyes. You should try your best to maintain the health of your eyes by wearing the lenses appropriately and handling them properly. Contact lenses that are past their expiry date should never be worn. 

Continuously wearing contact lenses can have a number of negative consequences, including:

-Red and inflamed eyes: because of the reduction of oxygen levels in your eyes after continuous wear.

-Corneal abrasions: which can occur as a result of dry eyes or contact lens discomfort due to prolonged wear.

-Corneal ulcers: which are open sores on your corneas caused by bacterial infection of abrasions. Corneal ulcers, if left untreated, can require sight-saving corneal transplants.

You should take out your contacts every day to give your eyes a break. You need to also make sure to read the instructions that come with your contact lens package.


In Summary, these are the essential Tips For First-Time Contact Lens Wearers!

  • Follow the daily wearing time recommended by your eye doctor.
  • Use contact lenses and care items appropriately by following the handling recommendations.
  • Remember to replace your lenses within the replacement date. (A contact lens replacement management app, a calendar record on a mobile phone, a diary record, and so on are excellent aids for staying organized.)
  • Do not wear contact lenses once the replacement date has passed. The replacement period is determined by the number of days that have elapsed since the blister pack was first opened, indicating when it’s time to switch to a new pack, rather than being based on the total days of actual use.
  • Get frequent eye exams even if you don’t have any abnormalities. Even if you don’t have any subjective symptoms, your contact lenses may not fit your eyes or you may have ocular issues.


When you first start wearing contact lenses, you may be nervous about putting them in your eyes and getting accustomed to them.

However, after you get used to it, you might have a much better experience than wearing glasses!

You can keep your eyes healthy by wearing your contact lenses appropriately and by following the basic instructions listed in this blog!


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