My contact lens seems to be faulty. What can I do?

Please remove the lens immediately and contact us by using the inquiry form with your name, order ID, the lens data of your defective lens and how the lens is defective. We will instruct you where and how to send back the defective lens. Please DO NOT throw your defective lens away. SAVELENS will not […]

What should I use to clean and store lenses?

Please use cleaning and storage solutions designed for disposable soft contact lenses. However, because it may not be suitable for your eyes depending on the manufacturer, please consult with your eye doctor. Also, incorrect usage can not only result in insufficient effectiveness but can also cause eye-related issues. Therefore, please always follow the instructions provided […]

Can I wear contact lenses while showering, bathing or swimming?

No. Water can contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may stick to your contact lenses and increase the risk of eye infections. Additionally, soft contact lenses can deform when exposed to water, causing discomfort and vision issues. Please remove your contacts before such activities and consider prescription goggles for swimming if needed.

Can I sleep or nap while wearing contact lenses?

No. You should not sleep or nap while wearing contact lenses. When you sleep, your eyelids are closed, which means less oxygen will reach your cornea. If you wear contact lenses during sleep, this issue worsens. This can lead to eye redness, lenses sticking to your eyes, discomfort, and an increased risk of eye infections. […]

How do I handle and use contact lenses?

There are some basic instructions for handling contact lenses correctly, but it’s important to follow these guidelines and any additional guidance provided by an eye specialist: Trim your nails, ensuring they are rounded and smooth. Wash your hands and fingers thoroughly with soap and dry them with a clean towel. Use your index finger to […]