Where can I find my prescription data?

For customers currently using contact lenses:
-Your contact lens box contains the information (power, diameter and base curve) you will need to place an order.

For new users or customers who do not have their contact lens boxes:
-You will need to use the latest valid prescription provided by your eye care professional.
-After you’ve purchased, you can then find the necessary data on your prescription or contact lens boxes for future orders.

You will need to have [PWR] (power), [BC] (base curve) and [DIA] (diameter) information before you can place an order.
If you have been prescribed for astigmatism you will need to have both [CY] (cylinder) and [AX] (axle) data as well.
if you have been prescribed for multifocal, you will need to have [ADD] (Addition) figure determines of the amount of correction you need to be able to see clearly at a close distance.

Click here to see how to locate your lens data.

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