Smart Shopping: Understanding Our Points and Reward System for Savings

Nowadays, with the rising cost of living, saving money has become quite challenging for us.
However, it’s still important to set aside funds for the future, invest in education and career advancement, enjoy outings and trips with friends or partners, and maintain your hobbies and lifestyle. Finding ways to cut costs, no matter how small can help achieve these goals.

So, we’ve got a question: are you familiar with Savelens’ Points Program?

You may have noticed ‘points’ mentioned on the order screen or in the ”My Account” page, but you might not have paid much attention. However, being aware of this points system can make your shopping even more rewarding.

In this blog, we’ll introduce our points program in detail. By thoroughly understanding the program, you can accumulate points gradually, connect them to small savings, and achieve significant savings!

Exploring the Details of Savelens Points

Savelens Points: A Guide to Earning, Spending, and Terms & Conditions

Our points program is very simple!

  • You will earn 1 point for every $5 you purchase.
  • When you write your review for your purchased product, you will receive 10 points (one review per product only). After your order status has been changed to [Processed], you can write your review on the product that you purchased through the product’s page whilst you are logged in.
  • 1 Point will be worth $0.10 (eg 100 points=$10).
  • The point will be calculated for the total amount of your order (including the Shipping fee).
  • If you use a coupon code, the point will be calculated for the total amount after using the coupon (discounted amount).
  • Points will be added after your payment is confirmed. You can use the points for your next purchase.
  • There is no expiry date for your points.
  • You can use your available points on your order process. Enter your available points into the input box and click “Submit” to redeem! Find out the details.
  • There is no minimum point spent when you use your points.
  • You can not redeem your points toward the Shipping fee.
  • If you use a coupon code and your points for the same order, points will be deducted first.
  • You can see your points balance on “My Points”.
  • If you cancel your order, your points will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Smart Ways to Earn Savelens Points

Simply by making purchases through SAVELENS, points accumulate automatically.

But to further accumulate points and turn them into savings, you can write reviews for purchased items, take advantage of point-boosting promotions such as double points or triple points for a specific period and participate in surveys or other initiatives that offer points as rewards periodically.

Being able to quickly grasp information and not miss the timing is also important in saving money, isn’t it?

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Points Plus: Uncover Extra Benefits!

Knowing the details about our Points Program and not missing out on timing and accumulating your points will ultimately save for your goals and dreams.

Be sure to maximise your use of our points program!|||       

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