Halloween Tips: Choosing the perfect Colour Contact Lens for your event

With Halloween approaching, many people are rushing to find the right costume for one of the most exciting times of the year! 

Colour contact lenses are an essential part of making a costume stand out! If you haven’t worn them in the past, why don’t you try colour contact lenses this Halloween?

Even if you have great eyesight and don’t need contact lenses or glasses, many people still use colour contact lenses for cosmetic reasons during special times like Halloween. By incorporating colour contact lenses into your look, could make you look completely different or stand out! 

With the increased demand of colour lenses during this season, we highly recommend placing an order as soon as possible so that your lenses can arrive on time! Especially since some colour lenses are custom-ordered and may take longer than normal orders to be processed!

Exploring Colour Contact Lenses

Colour contact lenses can enhance and change the colour of your eyes. There’s a wide variety of colours you could choose from depending on the product and brand. The most popular two types of colour lenses are the normal colour lens kind and circle contact lenses! Here is the definition of each type of lenses:

Normal Colour Contact lenses: These lenses have the role of changing the colour of the eyes themselves. You can enjoy the individuality and changes of your eyes with a wide variety of colours and designs.

Circle Contact Lenses: The lenses are a type of colour lens which are distinctively coloured around the edge of the lens. By designing the coloured part to appear on the outside circular region of the lenses, it’s able to make the irises look naturally larger than the original.

At Savelens, we stock well over 40 different variations of colour lenses. And you can browse them here!

Below is an image of the same model wearing different colours of normal colour lenses to showcase how different someone could look with different eye colours. (Please note that the actual results might differ depending on your original eye colours).



Colour Contact Lenses vs Circle Contact Lenses

The primary distinction between circle lenses and regular colour lenses is that circle lenses make the eye look bigger. The size is similar, typically around (14.0mm), but because circle lenses cover not just the iris of the eye, but also the outer extra-wide rim of the lens, the iris of the eye seems larger. This tinted region is translucent (no colour tint) in standard colour lenses, allowing the tint to simply cover the irises of the eye. To clarify, here is a basic diagram:

Coloured Contact Lenses:

・Enhance the natural colour of your eyes, making them more vibrant, alluring, or intriguing.
・Change the impression of your eyes by altering the actual colour of your iris.
・Allow you to achieve subtle enhancements or bold transformations through various colours and designs.
・Available in a variety of colour options, including blue, turquoise blue, silver, green, brown, and more (availability depends on the product).

Circle Contact Lenses:
・Enhance the appearance of your eyes naturally.
・The “Coloured-Diameter (the size of the coloured portion of the lens)” size alters the effect, with smaller sizes for a subtle look and larger sizes for a more dramatic change.
・Available in a variety of options, including different colours, designs, and rim styles.
Ideal for those who want to enhance their eye appearance without changing their natural eye colour.

Here is our most popular Colour Contact Lens

One of the most popular colour contact lenses we stock here at Savelens would be FreshLook One-Day! They are daily colour lenses which come in 4 different colours and in packs of 10 lenses per box. One of the main reasons for their popularity is because they are manufactured by Alcon -one of the largest eye care device companies in the world. 

FreshLook One-Day (Daily Colour Contact Lenses)

Here is Our Most Popular Circle Contact Lens

The most popular circle lens we sell at Savelens is Qieto1day Color -A series of daily colour circle lenses that comes in 3 colours and in packs of 10 lenses per box. This series was just released in March this year and has been one of our top-selling products ever since! This is due to several reasons. Firstly, Savelens is one of the very few companies that have been authorized to sell this series. Secondly, Qieto1day Color is one of the few circle colour lenses which are not only very affordable but still deliver a reliable and comfortable experience. Thirdly, Qieto1day Color is currently offering a limited-time discount for first-time users. Find out more here.


Qieto1day Color (Daily Circle Contact Lenses)

Other Colour/Circle Contact Lenses

Aside from FreshLook One-Day and Qieto1day Color, here is a list of other colour/circle contact lenses we sell which are in demand! 

FreshLook: Popular Colour Contact Lens Series. Available in daily or fortnightly versions with lots of colours to choose from.

FreshLook Colour Blends: Fortnightly Colour Lenses

FreshLook One-Day: Daily Colour Lenses

FreshLook Illuminate Series: Daily Circle Contact Lenses

Air Optix Colors: Monthly Colour Contact Lenses by Air Optix.
With 3-in-1 Color Technology, the lenses seamlessly blend with your natural eye colour for a captivating look. Available in 3 colours. 

1 Day Acuvue Define: Popular Daily Circle Contact Lenses which creates an alluring look with their three-dimensional design which beautifully contrasts the coloured portion with the irises. Available in 7 colours. 

Lacelle: Daily Circle Contact Lense which features intricate lace patterns along the lens edge, effortlessly enhancing the beauty of your eyes and creating the illusion of larger, more captivating eyes. Available in 5 colours.

Maxi Eyes: Circle Contact Lenses (Available in Daily, Fortnightly, and Monthly versions). Available in 14 colours. 

Check Out All Other Colour Contact Lenses


Important Notice When Using Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are available with a power of PWR 0.00, meaning they do not require vision correction. However, the curvature of the eye and the size of the irises vary from person to person.

Contact lenses fall under the category of an advanced medical device. Therefore, it’s essential to consult an optometrist to obtain a valid prescription before ordering them online. The prescription will be based on the specific measurements and characteristics of your eyes.

Click here for common FAQs about colour contact lenses.

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We hope that this blog was useful to you and the team at Savelens wishes you a Happy Halloween!