Refer a Friend and You Both Get 20% Off!

In Australia, there are numerous online contact lens retailers to choose from. According to our own research, 40% of people say that price is the most important factor for them when choosing a retailer.

As prices may vary across retailers, comparing product prices becomes essential. Finding additional ways to save can enhance your shopping experience and make it even more delightful.

On our website, we offer many deals to help you save money! We offer 10% off for first-time newsletter subscribers, free shipping on orders over $120 (offers are subject to change without notification), bulk purchase discounts, and a point scheme for every purchase or product review.

We also run additional promotions from time to time, so make sure not to miss out! Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media. That way, you won’t miss any of our exciting offers and deals. But today, we would like to tell you about our popular “Referral Program”.

By using our Referral program, both you and your friend can enjoy a 20% off discount when placing an order!


Follow these steps:

Please sign in and navigate to [My Account]. Once there, you will find [Referral] on your page.


Share [Your Referral URL] or [Your Coupon Code] with ease using [Click to copy] on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Alternatively, opt for [ share via email ] and provide your friend’s email address and name.

This is what your friend receives from you!


Your friend will get 20% off their order immediately upon using the voucher.

And then as soon as their order is dispatched, you will receive the 20% Off coupon code in your email. To keep track of your referrals, visit [My Account].

Please note that the 20% Off coupon code will be sent to you after your friend/family’s order is dispatched.


This is what your reward email will look like!

And this is what your ‘My Account’ will look like after you earn rewards!



In fact, one of our customers received over $200 in discounts solely through our referral program! It’s a fantastic way to save big on your purchases.

Contact lenses are essential products for specific individuals. So why not refer Savelens to your friends who also use contact lenses?

By doing so, both you and your friend can enjoy significant savings!

With the money saved, you could treat your friend to a nice lunch, indulge in a little something for yourself, or, of course, save it for the future!

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to save and share the benefits with your friends!


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