The Reality of Showering While Wearing Contact Lenses

For many contact lens wearers, they may find it easy to wear contact lenses wherever they go and whatever they do and may sometimes even forget to take them off, even in the shower. However, we don’t recommend mixing contact lenses with water or even water vapor. While showering with contact lenses may seem convenient, it exposes you to the potential risk of developing a severe eye infection. Despite anecdotes from individuals who claim to have showered with their lenses without issues, the potential consequences, such as intense eye pain, visual impairment, or even blindness, far outweigh the time saved in your routine from showering with them on. It is crucial to understand the reasons behind avoiding the practice of showering with contact lenses.

But Why? You may ask.

Optometrists strongly advise against wearing contact lenses during showers due to the significant risk of developing a severe eye infection.

While tap water in developed countries undergoes thorough disinfection processes, it can still harbor various germs, both bacterial and viral. One such organism, acanthamoeba, resides in natural water sources like lakes, rivers, seas, and tap water. Wearing contact lenses while exposed to water increases the risk of acanthamoeba entering the eye, potentially leading to the development of acanthamoeba keratitis. Thus, it remains essential to remove contact lenses before exposing them to water during activities like showering.

What Is Acanthamoeba Keratitis?

You may be familiar with acanthamoeba keratitis, often regarded as the boogeyman of eye infections due to its rarity and severity.

According to UNSW, acanthamoeba keratitis is estimated to affect 10-40 Australians every year, but nevertheless, it can cause serious harm for contact lens wearers who mix their contacts with contaminated waters.

This infection is exceptionally painful and challenging to treat. Acanthamoeba, once in the eye, releases proteins that dissolve the cornea, allowing the organism to enter and consume corneal cells. Initial symptoms include redness, blurred vision, a gritty sensation, and excessive tearing. In severe cases, acanthamoeba keratitis can lead to blindness.

Showering with contact lenses elevates the risk of infection because the lens can trap acanthamoeba in the eye. Many eye doctors strongly advise against exposing contact lenses to any water to prevent contracting this serious infection.


Some other issues you may encounter if you shower with contacts

Contact lenses act like sponges, absorbing water particles and swelling when exposed to water. Shower water contains various chemical, environmental, and bacterial irritants, any of which can potentially lead to an eye infection upon contact with the delicate eye surface.


The common experience of getting soap in the eye is usually manageable, as our eyes can typically flush out the soap. However, for contact lens wearers, it adds complexity. Contact lenses can be contaminated if exposed to soap, shampoo, or other shower products. To prevent further eye irritation, it’s necessary to promptly remove the lenses, disinfect them overnight in a clean case filled with fresh contact lens solution, and exercise caution to maintain eye health.


How to avoid showering with contacts?

Showering while wearing contact lenses is one such risky behavior. Breaking this habit can be achieved most easily by transitioning to daily disposables and keeping a pair of eyeglasses readily available. Each set of daily disposable contact lenses comes individually packaged so you don’t need to maintain or wash them.

For those who prefer showering at different times of the day, such as after exercise or after returning home from work, daily disposables offer unmatched convenience. You can effortlessly remove and discard the lenses without the need for cleaning solutions. Simply insert a fresh pair of lenses after a shower. Alternatively, to minimize lens usage, opt for eyeglasses for the remainder of the day.

Eye care professionals advocate for daily disposable contact lenses due to their no-cleaning benefit, significantly reducing the risk of preventable infections. Making this switch will enhance your overall eye health and safety.


So which daily lenses do we recommend?


Here at Savelens, we sell 61+ variations of daily disposable lenses. But which lenses do we recommend? This really depends on what customers are looking for.

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Are there any exceptions?

Certain individuals favor extended wear lenses, including FDA-approved options like Air Optix Night & Day and Bausch lenses, designed for overnight or continuous use, ranging from one to six nights or up to 30 days. Composed of flexible plastic facilitating oxygen flow to the cornea, these lenses theoretically ensure safety during continuous wear. However, since eye health varies from person to person, it’s important to consult with your eye doctor beforehand to determine if continuous use is suitable for your eyes.

But despite the convenience, the question arises: can these lenses be worn in the shower? Although their continuous wear feature implies such adaptability, the risk of contracting a hazardous eye infection from bacteria in shower water remains across all contact lens types. The advice from most eye care professionals is to use lenses with caution and remove them before showering.

So prioritise your safety and refrain from wearing contact lenses in the shower!


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