Is it safe to wear coloured/circle contact lenses?

The colour lenses we stock and sell are generally safe for people to wear as they have all been certified with industry standard. For people with specific eye conditions, we recommend consulting an optometrist to ensure specific lenses are suitable for you. Choosing coloured or circle contact lenses which prevents direct contact between the pigmented […]

Does circle lenses look unnatural?

When choosing circle lenses, the diameter of the coloured portion (the part of the lens with colour) is also important. A larger diameter gives a bigger eye impression, while a smaller diameter creates a more natural eye appearance. If the coloured diameter of the contact lens is too large for your eye size, it may […]

What does [Coloured DIA] mean?

Coloured DIA (Diameter), also known as Graphic DIA, refers to the size of the coloured part of the lens that enhances or changes the eye’s natural colour. It’s the visible coloured area on the lens.

What are circle contact lenses?

Circle contact lenses are colour lenses which feature a coloured outer ring on the edges. This design, where the coloured section extends beyond the iris, aims to create the illusion of a naturally larger pupil.

What are multifocal contact lenses?

Multifocal contact lenses are designed to address presbyopia, a condition that affects near vision as individuals age. These lenses allow for clear vision at both near and far distances, making them a suitable choice for individuals with presbyopia. Learn more about Multifocal Contact Lenses here. Shop multifocal lenses here.

What does the Oxygen Permeability of contact lenses mean?

Oxygen Permeability indicates the amount of oxygen that can pass through a contact lens. Dk represents the oxygen permeability coefficient, with higher values indicating greater oxygen transmission. Dk/L is a value obtained by dividing the Dk value by the thickness of the contact lens, representing its oxygen permeability. A higher Dk/L number indicates a greater […]

What does the Water Content of contact lenses mean?

Water Content in soft contact lenses refers to the percentage of water they contain. There are advantages and disadvantages for different percentages. Low water content contact lenses (less than 50% water) 1. Are less likely to dry out, even after long-term use because of lower water evaporation 2. Offer a sturdy shape and easy handling […]

What does Silicone Hydrogel mean?

Silicone Hydrogel is a material which combines high oxygen permeable silicone with flexible and moisture-retaining hydrogel. It helps to supply efficient oxygen flow to the eyes which enables a comfortable and extended experience. The material enables the lenses to fit better, decrease dryness, and prevent protein build-up. Click here to browse silicone hydrogel lenses